Windows Mobile, Android & iphone Device Locator (recover your lost or stolen mobile phone)

This feature will allow you to remotely identify the location of your mobile device real time. The process is very simple: 1. Log in to your account at 2. Select the phone number to your device. 3. Click on locate my device icon. 4. The map will show the last known location 5. Click on locate my device now to identify the new location for your mobile device 6. If your device is out of range of the GPS coverage, the MobiWee client will locate your device once it is within range and display it on the map. Your device must have GPS receiver, and MobiWee client must be installed and running on your device in order for any request to succeed. MobiWee is a set of free public services currently available for Mindows Mobile, Android and iphone with many more platforms in the works like Blackberry and symbian. Contact manager: this service allows you to add, remove, backup, or restore contacts to your device from any browser. This service is simply a convenient way to see all your contacts at once and is especially useful if youve just lost or upgraded your phone and dont want to go through the hassle of saving each contact to the SIM card. File manager: this service lets you see all your files and folders on your phone so you can upload or download from your computer or device. This service supports ringtones, music, video, pictures, word documents, really anything you can think of. SMS service: this allows you to copy, paste, send and receive your SMS messages in
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