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Popular Reason for Cell Phone Monitoring

Cell Phone MonitoringThere are many reason’s people are choosing to track and spy on cell phone’s. IntoMobile reports one major worldwide phone carrier is offering a new service to track, control and monitor the activities of other users.

Vodafone UK is launching a new SIM card today aimed at parents looking to control their child’s mobile usage. The SIM, which uses software that runs on Vodafone’s servers called “the Bemilo system”, will let parents disable texting, choose which hours the phone can connect to the network, and it will even let parents read text messages. Since the software in question runs on the network, that means it’s tied to the SIM card itself, so children can’t escape their parents, unless they save up enough money to buy a prepaid device and pay for their own service. Anyway, all this Stalin-esque functionality will cost just 2.95 British pounds per month, and the SIM card is prepaid, so Mom and Dad can control little Timmy’s bill.


Why would any parent with a heart and soul want to do this? According to a survey done by the request of Bemilo, the company that writes the software that enables these “features”, 40% of kids aged 8 to 16 admit to being sleep deprived and 25% say they’ve been a victim of bullying. The hope is that kids who are bullied, or kids who enjoy bullying others, will have parents who are smart enough to curb the amount of abuse one can do with an always on mobile phone….More at New Vodafone SIM lets parents spy on kids, disable texting, and more – IntoMobile

Track Someone by Cell Phone Number

Cell phone spying software is now a big business. There are a wide range of cell phone monitoring applications developed to spy on activities such as text messages, emails, call logs and even live phone conversations. The use of such applications can vary and one of the more popular versions of this cell phone spy software allows you to spy on other mobile phones without downloading software on a target phone. The application is install on your phone and will enable you to track someone cell phone by phone number.

Check out a demo here:

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