Spouse Monitoring Cell Phone Spyware Soon to be illegal?

Spouse Monitoring Spyware

Spouse Monitoring Cell Phone SpywareCertain types of cell phone monitoring software program may soon be illegal under federal law.  Those applications commonly known as spouse monitoring cell phone spyware are at the center of the debate.

Mobile phone apps which allow wives and husbands to spy on their spouses by monitoring their whereabouts as well as their calls and text messages will be banned under a new law to be put before congress.


Software companies are currently able to sell so-called cyber stalking apps that operate secretly on cellphones thanks to a loophole in current laws.


Apps such Retina Software’s SpouseSpy or ePhoneTracker, which sell for around $50 online, have become increasingly popular among jealous wives or husbands.


The apps operate invisibly to the cellphone’s user. They can silently record text messages, call logs, physical locations and visits to websites. All the information is relayed to an email address chosen by the installer.


Even when people discover the software on their phones, they don’t know what to do, said Rick Mislan, a Rochester Institute of Technology professor who specializes in mobile security and forensics.  Read more

New Cell Phone Spyware Options

The the new law will focus on cell phone monitoring applications that are installed on a target cell phone without the users knowledge.  These types of applications have commonly been used to monitor a spouse.   There is a bluetooth version of the software that allows you to spy on another person’s cell phone without installing software on it.  This type of monitoring spyware is not clearly outlined in the new law because you are the owner of the phone inwhich the software is downloaded on.

To access a demonstration of the bluetooth version CLICK HERE

Spouse Monitoring Cell Phone Spyware

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