Mobile Phone Spy and Tracking – When It’s Legal To Use

gps phone image

gps phone imageThere are times when using mobile phone spy or tracking apps are perfectly legal.  Conversely, there are times when it’s not.  Here we will discuss the differences.

Most people who first find out about this kind of technology immediately wonder if they can use it without breaking any laws. The answer to the question is spy software legal can be complicated. The short answer is yes, but there are limits.


Companies can legally produce and sell this type of software to consumers but there may be problems depending on the user’s intent. First of all, pay no attention to the marketing ploys focusing on spying on spouses to catch them cheating. Headlines like this have been used to promote cell phone spy software in unethical ways. The truth is that it is totally against the law to secretly monitor your partner in this way.


Many companies use these advertising headlines to attract new customers. Carefully worded disclaimers clear them of any wrongdoing if the consumer uses the product to break any privacy laws.


Some of the reputable firms have finally abandoned these tactics and now focus on legitimate uses for their products. Which also happen to be much more useful ways to use the software!  Read More…

The use of these kinds of spy apps are very popular today but using them for the wrong reasons could land you behind bars.  Installing tracking software on a target that you do not own is normally a violation of the users privacy.   One way around this is to consider the use of a bluetooth monitoring application which is installed on your personal device.  This type of app offers many of the same monitoring features.

===>>> Bluetooth Monitoring Application Demo

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