2 Easy Ways To Retrieve Deleted Text Messages

2 Easy Ways To Retrieve Deleted Text Messages

It’s happened to all of us at one time.  We’ve gone through our phones to “clean out” our messages and end up deleting an important text message that we then spend countless hours trying to recover .

Are there really any “quick and easy” ways to recover text messages that were accidentally deleted?  The good news is that there are a couple options available to you that enables you to easily recover text messages that you’ve accidentally deleted.

Here is a breakdown of each option, with a couple points of the good and bad of each one.


SIM card spy products looks like an ordinary USB reader, but the way a SIM card spy device works is you remove the SIM card out of your cell , and then place the SIM card into the SIM card reader, and then plug the reader into your computer.

Using the included software (of the SIM card reader), you’ll be able to immediately retrieve deleted text messages. The time frame will vary, based on what new information is overwritten on the SIM card, but you’ll at least be able to retrieve and read the last 15-20 messages and scan through your call history and contacts, even if they were all deleted.


Very easy.
Enables you to easily retrieve deleted text messages.
Does not require software to be installed prior to the message being deleted.


Limited cell phone support.
Does not work on CDMA networks.
A bit expensive.


The second option is to purchase a cell phone monitoring app that is often used to spy on cheating spouses, monitor teen cell phone use, track cell phone location, and locate missing or stolen cell phones. Even though this type of software is referred to as “spy” software, it’s fast become a popular way to back up your own personal cell phone data.

The reason why this method is becoming a popular, is because there is no “syncing” required, or any buttons or settings to worry about. Your cell phone data (text messages, call history, etc.) are automatically backed up every single day. This means if you ever delete a text message, and then need to quickly recover it, all you have to do is log onto your account and then in just a few clicks, you’ll have full contents of every message that was either sent or received from your phone.

To put it another way, spy phone software is essentially a real time personal back up solution that requires absolutely ZERO work on your part. Everything is done for you. The only drawback with this approach is that it does require you to install the software BEFORE you delete the text message that you want to retrieve. This means you need to be proactive and install the software ahead of time.


Very effective.
Affordable (roughly half the cost of SIM card readers)
Entire text message history is retrieved, not just recent ones.
All the popular cell phones (Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, etc.) are supported.


Installation takes time, especially for anyone who isn’t comfortable installing cell phone apps.
You must install spy phone software BEFORE any messages are deleted that you want to retrieve .
Requires a data connection such as 3G or Edge.

In summary, if you’ve accidentally deleted an important text, don’t worry because now you know a couple different ways how to recover deleted text messages.


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